Registration and Check-in

Tank Reservations

Since there is no koi show for 2020, tank reservations will not be accepted.

Fish Load

It is critical to know the fish load of your tank. Please calculate your fish load, using the Entrant Worksheet before coming to the show. The show committee and the water quality coordinator reserve the right to have owners remove fish from the tank/show if the tank loads are excessive. This is for the safety of the koi. If you exceed the load limit, reserve an additional tank or reduce the number of your entrants. Our benching software program will not allow a fish load over the maximum.

Click here or mail your reservation form and your check to WK & WGS, P.O. Box 148, Bothell, WA 98041.


It is critical that you purge your fish (no feeding) for at least 5 days prior to the show, otherwise, your water quality is jeopardized.

Check-In Times

Koi Registration and Check-In will be from 1 p.m. to 6 p.m.

Check-In Process

When you arrive with your fish, go to the registration table to complete your registration with the check-in team. You will be assigned a tank number where you can float your fish in oxygenated bags in your assigned tank only. Failure to bring your fish properly bagged and oxygenated may result in disqualification from the show. If you are unsure about bagging and oxygenating, contact the Show Chair well in advance of the show for assistance. If you are bringing fish in a traveling show tank as opposed to bagged and boxed, please notify the Show Chair prior to the show so bio-security arrangements can be made. Your fish must be bagged for the journey from the parking lot to your show tank. After your koi have been floating in the assigned tank a minimum of 20 minutes (and possibly longer), you will be called in the order of your check-in to have your koi measured, photographed, and classified. Once your fish are floating in the tank, wait until you are called to participate. This will allow the benchers room to work and helps ensure the safety of all the koi.

The entrant will remain with his/her koi until they are all measured, classified, and released into the appropriate tank. You will be asked to sign a document verifying that your fish have been accurately measured and classified.

Health Check

All koi will be examined for visible signs of illness or wounds. The benching team will then determine if a koi is eligible to be in the show. If a fish is disqualified for health reasons, the fish will be re-bagged and oxygenated for the return home.

Koi Herpes Virus

Koi that are survivors of a KHV outbreak and thus carriers, or koi that have shared water systems with koi infected with KHV, are not eligible to be brought to the show.


Each koi will be identified by size and classification. It is the responsibility of the entrant to select the appropriate classification, though benchers can assist if the hobbyist needs help. Some koi could be entered in several different categories, e.g. a Tancho Showa could be entered as a Tancho or as a Showa. You choose. Benchers will measure koi and determine the size category. Koi owners or their designees must then sign off on the classifications. Once the document is signed, classification changes will not be made. It is important that placement is accurate prior to signing. If someone other than the actual owner enters the koi into competition, that person must have authorization from the owner which can be submitted to the Show Chair.