Welcome to the Washington Koi & Water Garden Society.  We are a group of koi keepers and water garden fanciers who enjoy getting together on Zoom, pond tours, field trips, and summer outdoor meetings, including last year’s Koi Fest.  Prior to the Covid outbreak, we put on koi shows for 28 years.  We share ideas and help one another and provide a monthly newsletter with relevant articles to members.

 During membership meetings, we have educational programs on koi health, pond construction, koi varieties, aquatic plants, nutrition, filtration, and water quality, among others.  We are a non-profit hobbyist organization, and we are affiliated with the Pacific Northwest Koi Clubs Association and Koi Organisation International. Our Executive Board meets regularly to plan a variety of activities for our membership.

We suggest that if you are even thinking about constructing a koi pond, join a koi club such as ours and get as much information as possible before taking that first shovelful of dirt.  Also, it isn’t necessary to have koi to enjoy ponds.  Beautifully planted ponds or ponds with goldfish, or even pondless waterfalls provide pleasurable moments to WK & WGS members, even though our focus is on koi, our “living jewels.”

We are a koi community, and we are here to help.

2023 WK & WGS pond tour