General Information and Rules

Ours is an Open Show; all hobbyists are encouraged to show their fish. We use the English style of competition (an entrant’s fish are all kept in the same show tank), with bio-barriers between tanks to limit cross contamination. Dealers are limited to showing six koi from their personal collections. Hobbyists may share a tank with the permission of each keeper and the Show Chair. All entries must include a signed entry form, and all entrants must pay the stated fees. Also, all entrants must comply with the Entrant Requirements.

Alcohol and Tobacco and Food restrictions

To ensure the safety of the fish and the comfort of the viewing public, no alcohol, tobacco or food may be brought into the show area.

Fish Sales

Sale of live koi will be restricted to the WK & WGS Fish Sale booth.

Contingencies and Extreme Circumstances

Any items not covered by these rules or extreme circumstances will be handled at the sole discretion of the Show Chair.

Past Grand Champions

It is an unwritten rule of our club that past Grand Champions of our show are not to be returned for further competition; however, if the koi keeper would like the public to see these outstanding koi, past Grand Champions are welcomed but may not be entered into competition.


The Washington Koi & Water Garden Society strives to ensure the safety and well-being of all koi entered into competition. Participants in the show agree to hold blameless the club officers, the Show Committee, and show personnel should an injury or loss occur during the show.